22 julio, 2024


A stroll through the yerba mate
Establishing the marías visit the facilities proposed for the process of making tea and yerba

Halfway River Uruguay to the estuaries of the Iberian, the intensely green rolling meadows surrounding Governor Virasoro confused with cultivated plots planted with yerba mate tea. This colorful landscape of Corrientes also conceived streams and mountains crossed by dusty roads of red earth
Is peaceful setting where elapse guided the establishment of marías Taragüi yerba producer proposes to tourists for entertainment and educational purposes visits.
Visitors have the opportunity to learn the whole process of preparing mate and you made entirely in origin.
The pedestrian walkway designed for public starts in gardens sheltered by native and exotic trees. Towards the packaging sector or social and sports area visitors are meadows and ponds and can be surprised by alligators capybaras toucans howler monkeys ostriches. The walk nearly 2 km extension is the most recommended to enjoy nature forms. It can be combined with a bike ride that facilitates access to the drying chambers parking the Taragüi club and district employee housing.
Instead the tours most comprehensive Marías is performed in a minibus and allows to reach an oratorio and Yerbal History. Also you can opt for a personalized special visit adapted to the time available and the specific interest of the person concerned. In the souvenir shop of Las Marias no missing packages yerba mate tea boxes
Bulbs and kettles How to complete the cycle of one of the most deeply rooted traditions of the region.

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