17 julio, 2024

A young woman killed himself by jumping from the Sheraton hotel in Perú. Her  nationally was venezuelan. She was 17 years old. They dont know who allowed her to access to the hotel zone yet.

The police said that the girl didnt stay at the Sheraton Hotel, maybe she would have passed through the security stairs. She was part of a group «Hare Krishna» that was on a misioner tour in Perú and he had already visited Colombia and Ecuador.

A few hours before ending her life , Nathaly left a last message on Facebook.

«Magic is passing through this world without being touched » (Gurudeva Atulananda) wrote the girl.

However , preliminary investigations of the police reveal that she had committed suicide by a loving depression.

It has been several days and «Hare Krishna» are not pronounced. It is not known who was in charge of this trip only his friends spoke about the fact.

She disappeared from one moment, to another and  we did not know anything about her until when we saw it on tv.

The girl died right after falling from the roof of the tower.

The fact happened on Monday the thirtieth about 5:30 pm. A security guard from the Sheraton Hotel tried to help her but it didnt work. A witness that was working on floor 24 said that, he had a brief conversation with the girl.

She said that her life had no meaning and it seems that she had already taken up her decision. People that was walking on the avenue got shocked.

This issue cause traffic jams on the Hotels street. Up to now, only her sister has talked through facebook.

Her sister wrote in his facebook account: «I am sorry I failed as a sister, friend and guide you needed both. Your life whether it made sense, I miss you sister»



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